Hello, I'm Apriza!

Apriza Hapsari  | Womanpreneur | Motivewriter | Author | Human Resources Recruiter

As a Recruiter and HR my career in a holding company with subsidiaries such as Hospitality, Telecommunication, Communication, Infrastructure, Food&Beverage, and Property, I responsible for :
- Attracting new talent to company's various vacancies
- Developing Performance Appraisal tools
- Reducing the recruitment budget
- Implemented HR's SOP
- and many more in HR duties field

I bring my 6+ years of combined experience working with experienced HR and business in multi industries. I have made HR SOP, Performance Appraisal tools, assist to arrange company regulations, updating employeement's contract, and Training Need Analysis. I have recruited some candidates with a variety of job levels. I also understand about business processes and marketing.

I am most passionate about finding new talent, HR fields and love to connect with them.

If you are looking for a worker with a lot of experience for 5 years in various places and always on the move, that's not me. But if you are willing to accept people who have integrity, high morale and motivate, prioritize attitude than just knowledge, then that is me. 

Apart from that, I have enjoyed writing since I was a child, writing several articles and publishing anthology books. I am ready to be a freelance writer and or ghost writer if needed.

Best Regards,

Apriza Hapsari .S.

Dapoer Sate Maranggi Seeu Haah


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